Are there any cities within Arkansas that has...
Question: Are there any cities within Arkansas that has Wi-Fi in their Parks?


Bryant: Bishop Park has Wi-Fi and had no problems.

Searcy: Has Wi-Fi in some of their parks.

Hot Springs: Hot Springs has one public plaza downtown that has Wi-Fi. It was installed several years
ago by our A&P. I am not aware of any problems but we don’t maintain it-we just take care of the plaza
grounds and landscape. Our Central Business Improvement is in the process of installing Wi-Fi the length
of Central Ave. in the downtown historic district. We do not have it in any city parks.

Bentonville: We have Wi-Fi on the Bentonville Square and in Memorial Park. No issues.

Springdale: We have Wi-Fi in two of our parks. One feeds off our Senior Center and the other feeds off
our Public Library. In Murphy Park, a person has to have a library card to access the Wi-Fi. This greatly
increases our control of limited site usage. Due to access from these two sites, we have many filters in
place to control some of the undesirable uses of the system. We would like to implement Wi-Fi in our
large parks too. That is a future budgeting issue. No problems have been reported to date.

Little Rock: Little Rock has it in Riverfront Park and the adjacent River Market District only. It was
donated and maintained by Aristotle, a local web development company. Biggest issue for us seems to
be keeping power to the GFCI outlets that feed the wireless hardware on the tops of poles. GFCI outlets
do not like to stay on in wet weather; to mitigate this we have now changed most out to GFCI breakers,
which are just as safe but do not seem to trip as often.

Fort Smith: We have Wi-Fi at 3 of our parks – no problems in the past 4 years we’ve had the connection

Sherwood: We just installed Wi-Fi in our library. It does not reach past the parking lot. So far, no problems.