Is there a state law about putting high voltage power lines near parks ( ball fields) or schools?
Rex Friedman: As far as I know (was the Real Estate Officer for AR St. Parks for 16 yrs.) there is no state law concerning this matter. However any power company is going to want a R-O-W easement agreement and their engineers or their agents will probably look at the proximity of any playing fields etc. to the lines. Additionally the power companies normally require that their R-O-W be cleared of any obstacles above a certain height which I’m sure would preclude, lighting poles, scoreboards, backstops, bleachers, and possibly any fencing. In any case it behooves the P&R Director and their Commission to look closely at any proposal and the design of playing fields and utilities to make sure that normal safety standards are met.

The Playwell Group: Definitely not over playgrounds or park shelters (not mentioned).

DeQueen: If you are going to apply for state funded grants….all utilities have to be underground. The high voltage lines – 3 phase lines – in our park are excluded because they cannot be moved.

To find out if grant funds have been used in your park call AR State Parks, Outdoor Grants Section at 501-682-1301.