Do you hire an umpire in chief to schedule umpires for adult softball leagues?
Question: Do you hire an umpire in chief to schedule umpires for adult softball leagues? Do you hire an umpire in chief to schedule umpires/referees for youth softball and/or soccer leagues? Do you hire scorekeepers for adult softball games? If you do not have scorekeepers, does the umpire keep the official score or it is the home team that keeps the official score?


Paragould: Baseball and softball leagues hire an umpire in chief that does the umpires. In men’s softball P&R hires the umpires and scorekeepers and pays them.

Hope: When fields are rented, the renter is responsible for scheduling umpires/scorekeepers. The youth softball/ baseball/soccer leagues are all run by associations here in Hope and they all schedule their own officials. They do a mix of hiring scorekeepers and home team keeping score. In our church league, we have a UIC who schedules umpires. He charges an additional $1 per game for scheduling officials. We find the scorekeepers. Everyone is paid at the end of church league season when UIC turns in invoice for all umpires, UIC and sanctioning fee and we turn in scorekeeper’s times/wages and city hall cuts a check.

Sherwood: Currently, no adult leagues here. We hire a lead ref for our youth basketball league and provide the scorekeeper from our staff. The local youth soccer, baseball, and softball organizations that play at our place normally hire an individual to schedule all refs and umps. Organizations that host tournaments at our complex handle scorekeeping different ways. Some bring their own keepers, some require the home team to keep the book and the visiting team keep the board, some hire local people to keep score, it just depends on who is hosting the tournament. When we did have an adult softball league, we hired an ump in chief and the league administrator hired the scorekeeper.

Rogers: P&R does not currently hire anyone to schedule officials, in any sport. We have in the past, however. At present, scheduling officials is the responsibility of the full-time person in charge of that league. We currently have paid scorekeepers for all games, all sports. In the past that was not always true. In some leagues, home team was responsible for keeping the “official” book.

Little Rock: The youth Softball league umpires and scorekeepers are hired by the youth coordinator, which is a seasonal position. The youth soccer league referees are part time staff. In adult softball, we hire a supervisor for our two playing locations. Those supervisors oversee the hiring and scheduling of umpires and scorekeepers. We do have a scorekeeper for each game.

Hot Springs: We do not use a UIC. Our Recreation Superintendent schedules, trains, and tracks all umpire/scorekeeper activity. That way there is a direct quality control and the department has accountability on its program officials. We use umpires and scorekeepers for every league and program we run.

Jacksonville: We run our own Softball league. We contract our UIC and pay him $4 per games scheduled for fast and slow pitch. We also pay him one check and he then pays the umpires and scorekeepers. We pay our scorekeepers $8 per game.

Heber Springs: P&R has an UIC for our youth baseball and softball leagues. The same UIC also takes care of adult softball. P&R does not provide scorekeepers, the home team provides. Soccer referees are hired through the department.