If your parks department has a pool...
Question: If your parks department has a pool, does it host a swim team? If so, how is the team funded? Is it funded like other league sports (baseball, softball, soccer) or is it treated independently.


Russellville P&R: Our swim team is through the boys and girls club. They pay us a fee to use our pool for practice and an event meet.

Fayetteville P&R: The City of Fayetteville does not host a swim team. We do not have a City indoor pool.

Jacksonville P&R: We do have a swim team associated with the Jacksonville Community Center Pool. We rent them pool space twice a week for a certain amount of time with a certain amount of lanes.

Heber Springs P&R: Ours is treated independently with a $5 per lane rental fee.

Springdale P&R: We have a swim team that uses the facility early in the morning during the summer only for practice. They have to pay a small rental fee that basically covers our staff and a few dollars for chemicals. We track their usage and invoice them at the end of the season. If they want to host a meet, it must be done before we open for the public and they are again charged a good fee for this.

Fort Smith: We have the Tide Riders Swim Team at our pool. They are self funded, and they purchased a bubble to use over our diving well through the year. They pay the utilities and other expenses when we are not open in the summer. http://www.tideriders.com/Home.jsp?team=arfst

Rogers: Not affiliated with a team.

Sherwood: The Sherwood Sharks Swim Team is an independent organization that operates separate from the City. The team uses the City pools and hosts meets as well. The City does not fund them in any way.