The City of Conway is wanting to know how other cities in Arkansas handle scorekeepers for their programs.

· How are they paid? By the hour or by the game?
· Are they viewed and paid as a contract laborer or are they paid as an employee of the department?

DeQueen: We pay them per game. I use the revenue from gate and concession.
Fayetteville: The City of Fayetteville uses scorekeepers for adult league softball, all scorekeepers are paid as contract/extra services workers at $8 a game. Each game being 55 minutes in duration, all extra services workers must have W9 and city vendor form on file. Once filed they are assigned vendor numbers and paid by check.
Heber Springs: How we handle our scorekeepers is we have the parents or someone from the team keep score. It’s all volunteers.
Pine Bluff: Our scorekeepers are paid by the game. We pay them for any game they are asked to attend, even if it is forfeited. We are required to pay them as part –time employees through our payroll system, although I would prefer to pay them as contractors. I believe this is either a city or an auditor mandate.
Paragould/Springdale: By the game as contract labor.
Jonesboro: We pay them by the game. We use them for adult games 55 minutes.
Rogers: Rogers schedules official scorekeepers for softball, basketball, and football. They are paid by the game; they are contract labor.
Piggott: Any games, game functions or related employees, are not employed by the city’s Parks Department, this is strictly at the discretion of the Little League Association or Schools.