DESCRIPTION: The Recreation Program Coordinator is responsible for organizing, planning, and implementing
recreational activities for people of all ages. The incumbent will also build and maintain partnerships, with local
schools, businesses and organizations.
1. Responsible for operation of Park wide recreational and sports programming by:
 Plans, organizes, conducts and coordinates a wide variety of recreational programming for use at city parks:
 Contributing to the development and implementation of diverse recreational programming
 Meets with public groups and communities to explain and promote programs:
 Responsible for the day-to-day operations, including janitorial, maintenance and usage during recreational programs:
 Purchasing, warehousing, and maintaining appropriate equipment, materials, and supplies related to assigned area of programming
 Prepares a variety of reports and other documents such as operating, activity and statistical reports.
 Coordinating and monitoring preparation, use, and closing of park facilities and fields
(i.e., youth center, concessions, storage areas, pavilions, ballfields etc)
 Maintaining and promoting master calendar, scheduling, and reservation system
 Monitoring and following patron use agreements
 Developing and implementing program standards and basic use policies
 Implementing professional contracts with vendors hired to provide recreational services
 Promoting public awareness and involvement in all recreational programming
 Attending community and park user groups meetings
 Training and utilizing of volunteers (i.e., coaches, mentors, tutors, chaperones, etc.)
 Researching and writing grants
 Procuring sponsorships and donations
 Communicating necessary information to parents, children, and user group such as but not limited to.
MHPR Baseball/Softball (i.e., on-line registration, team drafting, league schedules, scheduling umpires, interruption of league rules, team
assessments, ordering all supplies, youth sport insurance etc.)
 Maintain city website
 Performing other related duties as required
2. Assist in the operation of Programming by:
Point of contact for seasonal staff, umpires, referee’s and volunteers used to help program activities.
Provides input for development of budgets, including determining staffing and materials
Oversees rental and registration activities and ensures accurate record keeping for program receipts
Oversees fundraising campaigns and solicits sponsor and sponsorship packages
Maintains contacts with neighborhood groups, schools, businesses, law enforcement agencies, volunteer and other community groups and
provides necessary coordination of services
Uses advertising and marketing practices to best promote programming and activities to citizens and potential users

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