Essential Job Functions: Supervise, direct, and evaluate staff; handle employee concerns and problems; direct work; counsels and disciplines staff; complete employee performance appraisals; recruits, appoints, and trains staff. Conducts staff meetings and in-service training.
Directs day to day operations and manages the Parks and Recreation department, facilities, and grounds. Formulates department policies and procedures.
Monitors the maintenance of neighborhood parks, playgrounds, and recreation buildings; manages and coordinates preparation of athletic fields and facilities and litter pick-up for events and activities.
Develops and coordinates programs and works with appropriate City departments to design and develop plans for buildings, grounds, playgrounds, athletic, and multi-purpose facilities. Monitor the condition of facilities, parks. Playgrounds and buildings.
Promotes open and effective communication with employees, community leaders, and the public.
Plans and prepares Parks and Recreation Department revenue and budget estimates; approves department purchases, approves all recreation programs athletics, activities, and services offered through the department.
Prepares, manages, and monitors grants and contracts that expand and enhance the delivery of quality recreation programs and services.
Plans and monitors department goals, objectives, performance outcomes and the quality of service delivery. Assesses programs, policies, and operational needs and makes appropriate adjustments as required.
Attends athletic games, recreational activities, and special events or manages people to be present for said events.
Monitors facilities, programs and services to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local laws, regulations, codes, and/or standards as well as City and department policies and procedures.
Maintains records and prepares regular special reports.
Collaborates and builds strong partnerships with community organizations, human service agencies, recreation and sports leagues, neighborhood groups and other City departments.
Participates on boards, commissions, and committee as required; and prepares and presents presentations, staff reports, and other necessary correspondence.
Develops and implements community outreach, marketing and promotional plans in cooperation other City departments.
Promotes activities throughout the city on the radio, social media, newspapers, and the City website.
Performs other duties as assigned.

Salary: $54,850 plus benefits
Qualifications: Prefer experience in parks management or a bachelor’s degree in parks management.

How to apply: Mail a resume to Wynne City Hall Attn Jennifer Hobbs 206 S Falls Blvd Wynne, AR. 72396 or email