Do you provide free memberships to physically/mentally disabled members of the community?
Question: Do you provide free memberships to physically/mentally disabled members of the community? If so, then what is your criteria and do you require paperwork to be filled out? Who approves the free membership? Does the membership also include the caregiver(s)?


Little Rock: Little Rock Parks and Recreation does not provide free memberships or free programming for persons with disabilities. Allowing the caregiver to attend free is a great and extremely appropriate accommodation as long as the caregiver is only there to assist the individual. If the caregiver will be using the equipment as well or using the facility when not working with the individual, then a membership fee should be applied. Parks and Recreation programs are offered at such a nominal fee and offering them free is not necessary. If you would like to offer the same price as seniors that would also be a good option.

Fort Smith: Do not offer discounts.

Springdale: The Springdale Youth Center does not offer discounts.

Jacksonville, Aquatics: Physically or mentally handicapped receive the senior citizen rate. The care giver is not charged as long as they are not working out themselves. The caregiver can be in the water with the person.

Rogers: The Rogers Adult Wellness Center (minimum age for membership is 50) has scholarships available for annual membership ($25.00) for those with financial hardship. Candidates are required to meet with three members of the administrative staff to discuss their need. Paperwork is completed at that time. Caregivers are not required to have a membership but the expectation is that they attend our facility for the sole purpose of assisting the patient.

The Community School Recreation Association charges physically/mentally disabled members a youth membership regardless of their age. ($20 annually) At this time, we do not require paperwork. The caregiver, however, does not need a membership, as long as they are in the building with the person they are providing care to.