Arkansas Recreation & Parks Association (ARPA) Membership

ARPA has over 200 members which include professionals, students, citizens and commercial vendors who are all working to improve park and recreational opportunities in Arkansas. Members are employed with municipal, state, and federal governments as well as non-profit and private agencies. ARPA focuses on public awareness of parks, recreation and leisure services.

Since 1964, the mission of ARPA has been to serve its members by promoting the importance of recreation and parks in our communities. ARPA acts as an advocate for the parks and recreation profession and provides the strongest networking structure in Arkansas.

As a member of ARPA, you’ll join park, recreation and leisure services professionals throughout Arkansas. You’ll enjoy the support of others dedicated to the advancement of the profession, and you’ll benefit from their experiences. You’ll also share information about the latest trends in parks and recreation. Membership means getting the information you need, the networking you want and the educational opportunities you require to advance your career. ARPA is a state affiliate of the National Recreation & Parks Association.

Who Should Join Arpa?

Park and Recreation Professionals in:

  • Government agencies (i.e., municipal, county, state, and federal — N.P.S., C.O.E., U.S.F.S.)
  • Nonprofit agencies (i.e., YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts)
  • For profit agencies (i.e., recreation retail shops, recreational rental shops, vendors who support the Park and Recreation field)
  • Concerned citizens
  • Mayors
  • Judges
  • Advisory Board Members
  • Students studying parks, recreation, leisure and tourism
  • And others interested in the Park and Recreation field

Enjoy the many benefits members receive:

  • Technical assistance on current issues; when materials are not available referrals given to other agencies and ARPA members.
  • Education and training programs offered. Members receive registration discount and continuing education units (CEUs) may be earned.
  • Opportunity to participate in Committees and Taskforces addressing issues.
  • Networking among your peers is an ongoing process and is extremely valuable for sharing ideas and opportunities.
  • Outstanding professionals, students, facilities, programs and agencies are recognized through the annual Awards Program and Scholarship Foundation.

Professional – $45.00

Any person employed in the field of recreation, park, and leisure services in Arkansas; an educator of recreation, park and leisure in an Arkansas university or college; Includes all rights and voting privileges.

Agency-$225 (1-7 members), $450 (8-15 members), $750.00 (16-25 members), $1250 (26-50 members)

Any public or private recreation, park, or leisure service department or organization in Arkansas such as recreation and park boards, city and county commissioners, municipal, state, federal, and district agencies and associations boards. Agency membership includes all voting rights and the right to hold office. All agency members must be directly associated with the agency who holds membership.

Board/Commissioner – $25

An appointed or elected individual who is serving at least a two year term on a park, recreation or leisure services board or commission. Includes all rights and voting privileges.

Student – $15

Any individual who is attending a college or university as a student in the field of park, recreation, leisure services, resource management, forestry, or any related field. Voting rights for Board Student Representative only.

Commercial – $100

Individuals employed as commercial vendors, consultants or suppliers who are actively involved in the promotion of parks, recreation and leisure professions. This membership will have all rights including voting and holding office.

Retiree – $15

An individual who has retired from the profession with a minimum of seven (7) years voting membership in ARPA prior to retirement. This membership category shall have full membership privileges including the right to vote and hold office.


An honorary membership by recommendation of the Awards Committee and approved by the Board of Directors, awarded to retired professionals who have performed outstanding services in the recreation, park, or leisure services. It includes all rights and voting privileges.

Associate – $35

Any individual in Arkansas not professionally employed in park, recreation, parks, recreation and leisure or out-of-state parks, recreation and leisure professionals. No voting rights.

Code of Ethics for Professional Members and Commercial Vendors:

Arkansas Recreation and Park Association (ARPA) is committed to providing an atmosphere that is free of discrimination or harassment at all sponsored functions. Any professional or commercial member who believes he or she is unlawfully discriminated against or harassed should immediately discuss the situation with a member of the ARPA Board of Directors. ARPA Board of Directors reserves the right to excuse a professional or commercial member from the sponsored function if deemed it is in the best interest of ARPA. Discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex or an otherwise qualified individual with a physical or mental impairment that limits a major life activity is prohibited. It is ARPA’s policy to maintain an environment free of intimidation, insult or harassment based on race, religion, sex, age, national origin, ancestry or disability. Further, it is ARPA’s policy to prohibit a hostile work environment at any sponsored function. A hostile work environment occurs when workers or members/participants of ARPA create an atmosphere so infused with unwelcome sexually oriented or otherwise hostile conduct that a member/participant’s reasonable comfort level or ability to perform their job/function is undermined. ARPA Board of Directors reserves the right to excuse a professional or commercial member from the sponsored function if deemed it is in the best interest of ARPA. ARPA members have an obligation to support and carry out the policies and programs of ARPA. Actions must not knowingly be taken that are detrimental to the interests of ARPA or that are inconsistent with the Bylaws and policies of ARPA.

ARPA Membership Application

National Recreation & Parks Association (NRPA) Membership

The National Recreation and Park Association is the nation’s largest professional and citizen organization dedicated to advancing park, recreation and conservation efforts that enhance the quality of life for all people. That means you join more than 19,000 professionals, citizen advocates, educators and students from diverse backgrounds with the same passion for promoting healthy lifestyles and livable communities.

Through NRPA’s member benefits and services, you can advance parks and recreation with the help of an active network of dedicated individuals with the experience, expertise and desire to make a difference.

NRPA Membership