Do you run a cheerleader program? We run a cheerleader program...
Question: Do you run a cheerleader program? We run a cheerleader program in conjunction with our youth football. But the participation has dropped off 75% in the last decade. Are you seeing the same thing?
If so, any clue why?


Fort Smith: Fort Smith Parks does not offer cheerleading. I checked with our Boys and Girls Club. Their cheerleader participation (200 or so) has remained consistent.

Benton County Boys and Girls Club: We are seeing the same trend in the decline in participation. My only thought would be the increase in the number of cheer/dance organizations that we have seen in NWA over the past 10 years.

Little Rock: Yes, we have a cheerleader program, it is run in conjunction with the football program, the drop off is the same as yours. I think our problem is the volunteers that work with the program are not consistent participants and the uniforms to include warm up, because of the cold weather, are very expensive to purchase each year because of the difference in sizes of the girls, therefore that leaves the attire as T-shirt and shorts.

DeQueen: No program.

Sherwood: No program. Private businesses may be taking some participation.

Bryant: We run a cheer program that isn’t tied to football and it is one of our fastest growing programs. The cheer teams with the football teams have declined.