We recently had an incident where someone had permission from a private property owner...

Hot Springs Parks & Recreation asks: We recently had an incident where someone had permission from a private property owner to hunt on their property with a crossbow. The property is a large tract of land within our city limits and adjacent to a city park and our local airport-both places where the public congregates. Does anyone know if their city has an ordinance prohibiting hunting inside the city limits or at least within the proximity of a park or airport?


Springdale: Our ordinance prohibits shooting a firearm within the City. Nothing in the ordinance addresses crossbows.

Fayetteville: The City of Fayetteville has two ordinances against hunting. One is a general city-wide ordinance and the other is specific to parks. 92.03 Shooting, Killing or Molesting Wild Animals Prohibited
It shall be unlawful for any person to shoot, hunt, kill, chase, wound, or molest any wild animal within the corporate limits of the city. (Ord. No. 3588, ‘2, 1-21-92; Code 1991, §92.03; Ord. 5002, 4-17-07) 97.066 Hunting and Firearms No person in a park shall hunt, trap or pursue wildlife at any time; provided that the trapping of muskrats or other burrowing animals may be permitted on city reservoirs upon approval of the mayor for the protection of earthen dams. No person shall use, carry, or possess firearms of any description or air rifles, spring guns, slings, traps, or other weapons or devices potentially inimical to wildlife and dangerous to human safety. Bows and arrows will be permitted on archery ranges so designated and supervised by the city. (Code 1965, ’17A-18; Ord. No. 1594, 4-1-68; Ord. No.1963, 11-20-73; Code 1991, §97.066)

Stuttgart: The city cannot prevent hunting, only the Game & Fish Commission has that right. The city does however have the right to prohibit the discharge of weapons including bows and crossbows within the city limits. This legally accomplishes the same result. There are certain exclusions for law enforcement and archery ranges etc. written into the ordinance. Pine Bluff has had this ordinance for about 7 years and it has worked well. You can contact Althea Hadden, their city attorney 870-543-1805 for additional info.

Maumelle: Maumelle has an ordinance that prohibits the harassing of animals and the discharge of a weapon within the city limits.