Do you have a check-out system for your members...
Question: Do you have a check-out system for your members with regard to checking out basketballs, volleyballs, etc.?


Harrison: We have a card system to check out equipment. It is old school but it works.

Fort Smith: We have a check out system for our horseshoes – leave your driver’s license when you check them out. When the shoes are returned you receive your license back.

Sherwood: Our check out system ranges from just handing out balls to our ‘regulars’ all the way to requiring some collateral. (Keys, driver’s license, phone, etc.)

Bryant: We keep all of our equipment at our front desk. The member must come and get the equipment and sign it out. It is kind of a pain but it helps us keep up with the equipment. They must also sign the equipment back in so we know they have returned. We just use a simple excel form that has their name, what they checked out, and the time they got it.