Have any communities implemented...
Question: Have any communities implemented “No Dogs Allowed” at your ball field facilities? Do you have dog waste bag dispensers/stations at your ball fields that patrons utilize to clean up after their dog? Besides signs and word of mouth, any suggestions on educating patrons to pick up after their dogs?


Fayetteville: Dogs are allowed at ball fields; however, waste dispensers are not supplied.

Rogers: We only put up signs if there becomes a problem. When any of the guys sees someone with dogs in the field they ask them to please pick up after their pets and to not let them dig. Then if someone does not we put up signs. We only have one place in the city that has an ordinance against it, in the park downtown.

Marion: Marion does not allow dogs or any pets inside of baseball or softball facilities due to maintenance and liability issues. We do allow dogs for medical reasons.

Russellville: We don’t allow dogs in designated areas like ball fields, ball parks, playgrounds and pavilions. We do not provide waste bags at our parks. We have run into a lot of opposition from dog owners who have dogs. City ordinance available for review.

Siloam: We have a dispenser along a trail that circles our ball fields. We are fortunate to not have a problem at our facility.

Springdale: No to all questions.