Do you have a concealed weapon policy...
Question: Do you have a concealed weapon policy or ordinance for your park system? Do you have signs in your parks that forbid weapons?


Fort Smith P&R: The link is to the Fort Smith’s code regarding no fireworks or firearms being allowed in the City parks. This was enacted before the recent discussion from conceal carry owners about being allowed to carry in parks. We had a little opposition. The group discovered through legal counsel that they did not have a case. We posted the state required signs in the parks.

Little Rock P&R: The carrying of any firearm by civilians within City Parks is prohibited in Little Rock, AR. We do not post signage specifically addressing this ordinance at this time, however.

Springdale P&R: No ordinance as of this posting.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: Title 36, Sect 327.13, under 16 US Code 460d and other Federal Code, prohibits the possession of loaded firearms, explosives and loaded projectile firing devices, i.e., bows and arrows, crossbows or other weapons in our parks and campgrounds. Exclusion, of course, is law enforcement officers.