What are your policies on the use of lights on sports fields?
Question: What are your policies on the use of lights on sports fields? Also do you charge for this?


Several Municipalities are willing to share their policies if you email directly: Rogers, Hot Springs, Springdale and DeQueen.

DeQueen: During practice times starting in March, set coaches have access to light boxes. No lights after 9:00 p.m. – when games start then they stay on till games are done. There is not a charge for lights at the present time, if our cost keeps going up this might change.

Little Rock: Any team / group can use ball fields without lights on a first come-first serve basis w/o a reservation. To guarantee access teams may desire to reserve a park at the rate of $7.50 for a 90 min. period. Night reservations w/ lights are always under a reservation format of $42.00 per date. Rate includes unlimited hrs. of usage – this rate would apply to an all day tournament reservation so rate would include the all day rental + light usage. We have no rental fee per hour for lights only.

Fayetteville: We charge $85 a day for a softball field without lights and $115 a day with lights. If a team is practicing only under the lights, we charge them $30 to have the lights on for a 90 minute practice.

Heber Springs: Starting this year we will require a light usage fee from anyone not in a city sponsored league (youth baseball, softball, adult softball). There is also a rental fee associated with using the fields for maintenance.

Springdale: We do not allow lights to be used for practices. We rent fields for tournaments.