2017 Natural Surface Trail: Lake Atalanta, Rogers Parks and Recreation
Hard Surface Trail: Clabber Creek Trail, Fayetteville Parks and Recreation
2018 Soft Surface Trail: Kessler Mountain Trails, Fayetteville Parks and Recreation
Hard Surface Trail: CFP Trail, Jonesboro Parks and Recreation
2019 Haddock Lane Hiking Trail, Holiday Island Improvement District
2020 Railyard Loop Trail, Rogers
Siloam Springs City Lake Park
2021 Hard Surface Trail: Niokaska Trail Expansion, Fayetteville Parks and Recreation
2022 Natural Surface Trail: River Mountain-Two Rivers Park Mountain Biking Trail Network, Little Rock Parks and Recreation
2023 Northwest Arkansas Razorback Greenway, The Northwest Arkansas Greenway Alliance
Pine Knob Mountain Bike Park, RVOORC