Do any parks departments have any rules / regulations concerning age limits in their facilities?
Question: Do any parks departments have any rules / regulations concerning age limits in their facilities? For example, in the summer children are being dropped off early in the morning and left all day without any adult supervision.

Several cities recommend check with DHS, local law enforcement and city attorney’s office.


Russellville: We have a policy that under 9 years of age must be accompanied by and adult at our pool.

Stuttgart: 10 and under must have adult supervision and cannot be dropped off.

Little Rock: Summer Playground Policy

Little Rock Parks and Recreation sponsors a Summer Playground Program, which is a public program that must be operated in a manner which does not conflict with Arkansas Department of Human Services Child Care Licensing Unit. Therefore the set ages are 6 – 15 and participation in this program is optional, the days and hours a child attends are at the discretion of the parent and child. After a child arrives at the playground location, the child is free to come and go as they please. It is the parent’s responsibility to provide their child with instructions regarding any restrictions. Direct care and protection, as defined by the Arkansas Department of Human Services Child Care Licensing Unit, will be provided when a child elects to participate and be transported to an away-site activity. This direct care and protection cannot exceed ten (10) hours per week.

DeQueen: Our policy at the pool is under five with an adult and under seven with a babysitter.

Sherwood: Our recreation center requires that all kids under 16 be signed in by a parent or ‘authorized adult’ and must stay with the child. An ‘authorized adult’ must be over 18 and be on the list of approved adults filled out by the parent.

Springdale: The Springdale Youth Center’s minimum age is 8 years old.

Jacksonville: A parent must accompany any child under 11 and must sign in a child between the ages of 11 and 15.

Jonesboro: Our policy is no one under 12 can come to our facilities without a responsible individual. We purposely left it as a responsible individual instead of “over 18” or other language. This gives the staff discretion to determine if the responsible individual is supervising the child.

Rogers: The legal age for dropping off children in a public place in Rogers is 12. Of course, if there is a concern at any age you should send a note home with child that the next incident would result in a welfare check for the child (involving local police department and/or DHS).

Fayetteville: At the Yvonne Richardson Center a child must be 6 years old to attend without an adult.

Greenbrier: Our rule is that kids must be at least 12 years old to be at the facility without a parent/guardian.